Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, our situation seems to always be changing :) Originally we were supposed to leave in February, then May, and now Joe is leaving in July. The girls and I are going to wait until our apartment is done being built sometime in the October time frame. Welcome to Liberian time. Things happen when they happen. No rush. Rarely a plan. Drives me crazy sometimes! But then I have to sit back and realize that yes, the Lord is in control and everything is beautiful in its time Eccl. 3:11. A quote from one of our Liberian friends:

"You Americans have too many watches and never enough time. Me, I have no watch and plenty of time!"

The Acres of Hope website has been updated recently. There is a picture of our apartment being built! Yeah! If you want to see the things we will be involved in ( and click on projects.

Thank you all for your emotional and financial support. We couldn't be doing this without you! The Lord has used you tremendously for our encouragement. Please pray for the following:

--Safe travel for Joe

May He continually be our everything!